Why kids are not allowed

Because I built this for me, and I’m grown.



Okay, it’s true. One of the biggest motivators for building Thunderhead was to make a place for adults to play FPS-style games without worrying about little ones underfoot. Laser tag has been around for quite some time already, but it has traditionally been made with kids in mind, with bright colors, ‘phasers’, and corny sound effects and music.

Thunderhead wanted to be something different, so the first thing we started doing was to curse at our customers. It’s not unusual for the host of the event to curse out a player to ‘get the **** out of the spawn! No spawn camping!” Of course, if you’re a parent worth his or her salt, you don’t want your child around that, but tempering that sort of behavior somewhat dilutes the experience for the other gamers.

Another thing is the speed. When Thunderhead gamers play something like Capture the Flag, these are 20 or 30-something year old people at about 175lbs running at a full sprint as they try and score a point. These people are trying to win the game and they’re not going to let your slow-ass kid stop them from doing that.

Teamwork is also an issue. We’ve tried it before and kids just don’t get the concept. All they want to do is shoot the guns and they have no understanding that they are an essential part of the team. Imagine being in a game of Defuse (Search and Destroy for you CoD players) where you only get a single life; no respawns. You have a small 12 year old on the team and you try to explain to him how to plant the bomb and the strategy you’re going to use. “Alright kid, we’ll be moving to Bravo point to feint like we’re going to plant there, but you’ll move forward toward Alpha once we’ve hit the tunnels. Stay low so they don’t see you and move from bunker to bunker quickly. Don’t shoot unless you absolutely need to. Plant the bomb and sit on it to defend. Got it?” And the kid’s like yea, I got it. BUT THEN THE GAME STARTS AND HE JUMPS UP AND BEGINS FIRING, “LEEEEEROYYYYYY MJENKINSSSS!” Again, it ruins the experience for the other gamers.

So, in summary, don’t be selfish. Your kid is great, I have two of my own, but they are not so special that we’ll make concessions for them at the expense of the other gamers. Our age minimum is 18, so if you think maybe you don’t want your kid to be run over and injured, consider reserving a private event. That way, you’re able to control who is in the game and what teams are what. The younger teens seem to enjoy it more when it’s just them and their friends. Plus, I’ll cut down on the cursing just for you.