The Player Classes

In a further attempt to port FPS games to real life, we now introduce Player Classes.

Currently, there are five player classes, which are similar to any Call of Duty or Battlefield game you’ve ever played. We have the Engineer, Medic, Recon, Support, and Sergeant Major.

Each team can have up to four players of each class EXCEPT SERGEANT MAJOR. Only one Sergeant Major per team is allowed in the game.

A breakdown of the class and the abilities are outlined below:

HP = Hit Points
RPM = Rounds Per Minute
unl = unlimited
rds = rounds (bullets)
mags = magazines
RD = reload delay



• Weapons (Post Modern)
– Q35 Atom Splitter (Beam, unl mags, unl rds, 10HP, 600 RPM): a beam-type unlimited weapon which fires continuously and when focused on the enemy will reduce health very quickly. No reload, no waiting.
– AEP7 Plasma Repeater (Burst, unl mags, 18 rds, 15HP, 800 RPM, 1 RD): a plasma burst rifle which hits for 18HP per round fired, which results in a total of 54HP per burst. Powerful, quick.
– Assault Laser (FA 10 Mags, 36 rds, 20 HP, 700 RPM, 1 RD): a full auto laser weapon with one of the highest RPMs in the game.
– C57 Avenger Minigun (FA, 5 mags, 120 rds, 5HP, 1000 RPM. 5 RD): the fastest weapon available which puts a lot of rounds downrange without the need to reload so often.

SECONDARY WEAPON: PULSE GRENADE (SA, 2 mags, 1 rds, 1RD) instant kill.
WEAPON UPGRADE: FAT MAN PULSE GUN (Burst, 6 mags, 6 rds, 50HP, 300 RPM, 4 RD)
• Abilities
– None. The Engineer is given an additional weapon choice and begins the game with heavier armor of 80HP for a total 180HP.


• Weapons (Modern Infantry)
– M4A1 (SA, 10 Mags, 30 rds, 25 HP, 600 RPM): The standard weapon of choice for U.S. freedom fighters. What more do you need?
– M16A3 (Burst, 10 mags, 24 rds, 15HP, 600 RPM 1 RD): The tried and true vietnam-era infantry rifle with a three-round burst shot which hits for 18HP per round (54HP for the full burst). Accurate and deadly.
– USAS12 (FA, 10 mags, 10 rds, 40 HP, 400 RPM, 5 RD): A full auto shotgun. Yes, a full auto shotgun. 40HP damage per shot, 10 shells in the hole.
SECONDARY WEAPON: M1014 SHOTGUN (SA, 4 mag, 6 rds, 50 HP, 300 RPM, 6 RD)
WEAPON UPGRADE: WARHAMMER (SA, 10 mags, 90 rds, 75HP, 30 RPM, 0 RD)
• Abilities
– Fully heal a teammate, to include armor. Very useful in all games.


• Weapons (mixed modern/post-modern)
– M24 Sniper Rifle (SA, 12 mags, 1 rds, 125HP, 200 RPM, 5 RD):One shot kill unless you’re trying to snipe out an engineer or Sergeant Major. Huge advantage for your team if you learn to use it. High level of difficulty.
– Silenced SVD (SA, 6 mags, 6 rds, 40 HP, 400 RPM, 4RD): Stealthier weapon which has the ability to lay down a few rounds quickly. Enough to take out your target, for sure.
– Tesla Cannon (SA, unl mags, 2 rds, 50HP, 500 RPM, 2RD): Beast of a laser weapon which has the lowest reload of the sniper weapons. Strong and fast.
SECONDARY WEAPON: Desert Eagle (SA 4 mags, 9 rds, 40HP, 200 RPM, 2 RD)
WEAPON UPGRADE: Barret 50 cal rifle (SA, 20 mags, 1 RD, 150 HP, 30 RPM, 1 RD)
• Abilities
– Mobile respawn point. If the Recon Sniper is alive, he can give a serious advantage to a team which utilizes it correctly.


• Weapons (WWII-era)
– Colt Potato Digger (FA 4 mags, 75 rds, 25HP 500 RPM, 3 RD): Modeled after the M1895 Colt–Browning machine gun, this early gun has a high rate of fire with enough ammo to take out multiple targets before reloading.
– Browning M1917 MG (FA, 2 mags, 250 rds, 30HP 400 RPM, 5 RD): The Browning is the hardest puncher in the support class so you can not only provide cover fire, but also take out the enemy faster than they can take you out.
– Johnson M1941 LMG (FA 8 mags, 20 rds, 22HP, 600 RPM, 1 RD): The Johnson is the fastest-firing machine gun in the class with a very quick 1-second reload delay. It uses only a 20 round magazine, but you’re a much more mobile support class that can stay in the fight.
SECONDARY WEAPON: MP5 Machine Pistol (FA 10 mags, 15 rds, 15HP, 800 RPM, 1 RD)
WEAPON UPGRADE: Ma Deuce M2 50 Cal (FA 2 mags, 70 rs, 75HP, 800 RPM, 5 RD, Overheat 3 secs)
• Abilities
– Can resupply any teammate with full ammo. If you’re laying a lot of rounds downrange, you’ll definitely need this guy on your squad.