Why kids are not allowed

Because I built this for me, and I’m grown.



Okay, it’s true. One of the biggest motivators for building Thunderhead was to make a place for adults to play FPS-style games without worrying about little ones underfoot. Laser tag has been around for quite some time already, but it has traditionally been made with kids in mind, with bright colors, ‘phasers’, and corny sound effects and music.


The Player Classes

In a further attempt to port FPS games to real life, we now introduce Player Classes.

Currently, there are five player classes, which are similar to any Call of Duty or Battlefield game you’ve ever played. We have the Engineer, Medic, Recon, Support, and Sergeant Major.

Each team can have up to four players of each class EXCEPT SERGEANT MAJOR. Only one Sergeant Major per team is allowed in the game.

A breakdown of the class and the abilities are outlined below:

HP = Hit Points
RPM = Rounds Per Minute
unl = unlimited
rds = rounds (bullets)
mags = magazines
RD = reload delay