"the most offensive laser tag on the planet"

we're currently closed for business

We've closed the field with plans for pop-up events or another location. We won't be taking private bookings until further notice.
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First Time At Thunderhead?

Here’s what you need to know.
Don’t worry. We got you.

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Public Events

We do it in public, we want people to see.
Turn up as a group or play with strangers, we don’t judge.

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online waiver

We Always Use Protection.
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For those times when you need Thunderhead all to yourself.
You could even have us in your backyard, if we can fit.

4 classes of badass: who will you be?

Your team is counting on you.
Choose wisely.
  • Classic infantry weapons. Heal your teammates. Faster Regen.

  • Full-auto machine guns. Resupply your team. Massive suppressive fire.

  • Futuristic weapons. Increased armor. More weapon choices.

  • Sniper weapons. Repawn your teammates. One-shot kills.

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